Our history


Pretty town in the green heart of Umbria, it offers a wide panorama that goes from Monte Peglia to Perugia, which is 15
km, ranging from the Tiber plain to the opposite hills.
It is known for its precious majolica conserved in the most important museums of the world as evidence of industriousness and
expertise of local craftsmen.
The territory is therefore the depositary of a rich artistic, historical and religious heritage which is manifested through interesting
craft and agricultural exhibitions, village festivals, painting exhibitions, concerts, theatrical and sporting performances.

Museum and Other Monuments
The ceramist vocation is still demonstrated today by the presence of an important institute for ceramic art, by numerous factories and
ceramic shops and the Regional Museum of Ceramics.
The museum is housed in the former convent of S.Francesco, in the highest part of the town, near the church of the same name, dating back to 1388, whose bell tower
faces the civic tower of the Palazzo Comunale, from the 14th century, which contains an interesting art gallery (Alunno, Fiorenzo di Lorenzo,
Guido Reni, Antonio Amorosi, etc...) and a collection of Neolithic and Etruscan finds.


Gianfranco Segoloni
Born in Torgiano on 10/13/1944 from a humble family, the last of 7 brothers. He lives and grows up in Pontenuovo and at the age of 14 he begins his apprenticeship in a tailoring workshop. At the age of 15 his passion for ceramics was born and he began to work at the Volpi factory where he trained as a painter and decorator. After the bankruptcy of the Volpi company, at the beginning of the 70s, he was hired by the Gialletti Virgilio company, which later became Gialletti Giulio, where he remained until his retirement, actively participating in the development and creation of many decorations still in production today. Despite the work commitment, his free time has always been dedicated to the creation of important and very difficult productions. Thanks to the friendship and teachings of master Romano Ranieri, he managed to express his artistic personality, giving his works sweetness, refinement and uniqueness, making his touch recognizable at first glance. He has also always compared himself with other Deruta masters such as Gianfranco Lamincia, Claudio Monotti and Mario Sambuco. There were many of his students and colleagues who remember him as a sunny person, of great artistic generosity and competence. He has collaborated and created works for the Vatican, various Franciscan convents and the Apostolic Nunciature of Rome where one of his most important works is present: The Delivery of the Keys by Perugino. In 2015, together with the potter Agostino Veschini and the Ditta Gialletti Giulio, he decorated the amphora with the Raphaelesque located on the largest rotunda of his beloved Deruta. Icons and sacred scenes created by him are present in the cemeteries of the area, the most important in that of S.Niccolò di Celle, Deruta and Perugia. He was also specialized in classical figurative reproductions, which he enriched with borders, ornaments and grotesque typical of the Deruta culture. He died at the age of 71 after a short illness.
Valentina Segoloni
Born and raised in Deruta, she has always lived in contact with quality ceramics and the most refined decorations of the place, thanks to the work of her father Gianfranco Segoloni, one of the most expert, passionate and acclaimed painters from Deruta. In 2002, after having worked at the Gialletti Giulio firm in Deruta, he opened this new business with enthusiasm and the desire to create even the smallest objects, quality products that enhance the craftsmanship and traditions of Deruta. From figurative decorations to geometric style, from flowers and fruit to classic grotesques, his hand remains recognizable and also capable of creating customizations in line with customer requests. Since 2010 the workshop has expanded thanks to the entry into the company of his brother Nicola, an expert decorator.
Nicholas Segoloni
The youngest of the family, after graduating from scientific high school has
decided to continue the artistic tradition of the house. Work in
laboratory together with Valentina since 2012. Skilled decorator and glazer of terracotta. His knowledge of the phases of ceramic processing makes him available for explanations on the production cycle to those who come to visit us.
His great passion for the English language allows him to establish a friendly relationship with foreign-speaking customers.